Empowering Developers While You Focus on Growth

Cloud development environment that simplifies DevOps implementation, saving time and resources for developers and driving efficiency for your business

Set up DevOps platform within 1 hour

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What is Symphony Cloud?

It’s a ready-to-use package that streamlines software development projects by combining Infrastructure-as-Code principles with the top open-source tools available. 
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Accelerate Your Development

Unlock Faster Onboarding: 
Developer Portal is your team's gateway to a developer's dream toolkit, ensuring your new members hit the ground running with ease. 
Launch Projects with Speed:
Access a comprehensive toolbox, a powerful array of tools, backed by proven methodologies, processes, and Agile training, providing an all-in-one solution for turning your development projects into resounding successes.
Empower Your Development Process:
No Vendor-Lock means taking control of your development stack with open-source configurations and tools. This approach reduces vendor dependence, ensuring ease of support by any qualified team for your project.
Optimize Project Timelines:
With decoupled development environment: Ensure stability and productivity throughout the development lifecycle. Optimize, iterate, and innovate without compromising on reliability.

Transform Your Development:
Speed, Savings, Security, and Simplicity

With Symphony Cloud, you're not just benefiting from efficiency and cost savings; our key benefits can help you:
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Achieve Rapid Deployment
Say goodbye to long setup times. Launch DevOps infrastructure for large projects in days or weeks, not months, for a hassle-free project kick-off.
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Ensure Compliance and Security
Symphony Cloud ensures your projects follow industry best practices and meet strict data protection standards with integrated compliance and security.
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Simplify Documentation and Onboarding
Clear up confusion with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) documentation. It offers transparency for onboarding and audits, making your projects more accessible and accountable.
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Enhance User Experience
Seamlessly navigate through your projects with a user-friendly interface and an intuitive, wizard-guided process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your team.
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Boost Cost Efficiency
Streamline infrastructure setup and maintenance to save valuable time and effort, resulting in significant cost optimization and smarter allocation of resources.

Delivering Excellence Every Step of the Way

You're not just getting a product; you're getting a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence at every stage of your journey! Here’s how we deliver:
Seamless Environment Deployment
Expert Deployment and Configuration:
Robust Legal Support
Collaborative Onboarding
Seamless Environment Deployment
Symphony Cloud can be seamlessly deployed into your existing environment or hosted within Symphony Cloud managed infrastructure, offering flexibility and convenience.
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Expert Deployment and Configuration:
Our DevOps Team takes charge of the deployment and configuration process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal setup
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Robust Legal Support
We provide comprehensive legal provisions covering deployment and support services, ensuring transparency and compliance throughout the partnership.
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Collaborative Onboarding
Client project onboarding is a collaborative effort, involving our team working hand in hand with your own DevOps/SRE team to ensure a seamless integration process. In case you don’t have a DevOps Team we can handle all by ourselves.
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Introducing Symphony Cloud